Stingless Bee Puthka Honey

Bhutan Sour Honey locally called "Puthka Honey" is a superfood harvested by the stingless bees called Melipona.

Stingless Bee (Melipona) thrives in the protected regions of Bhutan between
700 to 1500 meters above sea level. Due to their small size, it can retrieve more nutrients than regular honeybees. It has a tangy and sour taste with a unique flowery aroma.

Each stingless bee hive is capable of producing approximately 700 grams of honey.

They are much smaller in size as compared to the usual yellow and black honeybees; about three to five millimeters in size, and a slimmer body structure.

Puthka Honey is a high level of propolis that contains Phenolic, Flavonoids and Cinnamic acid derivatives.

Propolis is a complex resinous material that bees collect from tree exudates primarily resins of leaf bud and other botanical sources. It contains all 16 amino acids, glucose, vitamins A, B, C, D and E, bioflavonoids and minerals.

It is used for anti-cancer research; cell cycle arrest, induction of apoptosis, induction of mitochondrial stress, inhibition of cancer cell proliferation and tumor. 

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