How It Works

By supporting Bhutan Honey, you are supporting Bhutanese beekeepers

For every jar of Bhutan honey purchased, a fair amount of the revenue is channeled for the beekeepers and a certain amount channeled into the Research & Development Funding.

Economical Impacts

Beekeepers in Bhutan are equipped with the technical knowledge to implement improved apiculture practices and are incentivized by market forces (premium prices) to leverage their technical training to increase yields and produce high-quality honey. In the long-term, we are seeking to have the industry to be sustainable cultivation, yield improvement, and incremental increase in income for the beekeepers.

Smart Farming

In the near future, beekeepers in Bhutan will be able to monitor their hives’ activities and welfare remotely through a technological device, jointly developed by the Bhutanese beekeepers and Bhutan Natural Pte Ltd.


  • Improve efficiency & reduce man-hours lost (Visiting hives aimlessly)
  • Reduce bee hive disruption (Intervene only when necessary or ready for harvest)
  • Wider beehives’ location (Expand area of forage & number of hives per beekeeper)
  • Improve productivity (Electronic sensor telecommunication system for activity, temperature, weight, and audio analytics)