Our Commitments

We want to make it plausible for people to discover and buy from small-scale artisanal beekeepers. This cause will not only improve the lives of Bhutanese but also provide a transparent business platform for conscious eaters to know their honey and who harvest it.

Sustainable Quality

We can achieve sustainable quality because there is plenty of preserved clean pasture in Bhutan for honey foraging. Bhutan does not utilize synthetic fertilizer nor pesticides for their farming. Therefore, honeybees are able to produce quality, honey.

Small-scaled Enterprise

Large-scale honey operations tend to prioritize cheap production and big profits, at the expense of the healthfulness and quality. Our beekeepers are all small-scale enterprises, which guarantees that you get a jar of honey made with genuine passion and attention to detail. There are no exceptions made when it comes to resources, quality, or taste which results in a product that in incomparably better than anything a machine could produce.

Absolute Natural

Our beekeepers only use natural resources because that is what makes sense. There are no substitutes for nature. We are not meant to ingest synthetic preservatives, and by doing so, may cause adverse effects.