Honey Collection Centre to Open in Tsirang

06 May 2017

The Department of Livestock has allocated Nu 600,000 for the construction of the honey bee collection centre. The Livestock Extension Officer of Patshaling Gewog, Amber Bdr Gurung, said the tender for the work has been floated.

“We expect the construction to begin soon. Villagers can bring any amount of honey to the centre. The centre will market the honey. The demand for honey has grown. We can also export it.”

Farmers involved in honey bee farming have welcomed the construction of the centre. Sixteen households in Thakhorling have expressed their interests to be part of a honey farming group. Each household owns over 15 beehives.

The centre will particularly benefit the farmers in marketing and sale of their products. Selling honey is not a problem. But selling it fast while it’s still fresh is a challenge.

Honey bee farmers of Thakorling currently sell their honey to the travelers along the Tisrang-Gelegphu highway.

Fifty seven-year-old Sanja Rani Tamang said beekeeping is far less laborious than farm work. She has around 25 improvised bee hives. She extracts 7-8 kilograms of honey from each hive. And a kilogram of honey fetches her Nu 600.

Once the centre comes up, beekeeping will become even easier. Sanja will no longer have to wait on the highway to sell her honey. She can take it directly to the center.

The gewog livestock officials hope the center will be up and running by June.