Type of Honeybees

Oriental Honeybees are known for being excellent honey forager, while Western Honeybees are much efficient in productivity and maintenance.

Oriental Honeybee

Apis Cerana, or Eastern honeybees, are great crop pollinator and combs builders. They exhibit mild, tolerant, timid, and low stinging tendency.

Western Honeybee

Apis mellifera, are poikilothermic or coldblooded, are excellent foragers and resistant to European foulbrood disease, and exceptionally easy to work with.

Western Honeybee species found in Bhutan

  • Carniolan Honeybee Apis mellifera carnica
  • Italian Honeybee Apis meddifera ligustica

Harvest Period

First Harvest Season – July
  • 80 percent White Clover Flowers + 20 percent Mustard, Bush Berry & Various Wild Flowers
Second Harvest – August
  • Native Wild Flowers – Chenduensing
Third Harvest – September
  • Buckwheat Flowers
Fourth Harvest – October
  • Native Wild Flowers – Singzam Flowers & Yesgurma Flowers