Modern Beekeeping In Dophuchen Yields Much Sought-After Bhutanese Honey, Royal Jelly And More

Jun 20, 2018

For the people of Dophuchen (Dorokha) in Samtse, the return of a native who has worked in a beekeeping cooperative in Bumthang was the source of inspiration for them to take up modern beekeeping.

Demand for Bhutanese Honey Encourages Farmers To Take Up Bee-keeping

Apr 24, 2018

With about 25 farmers from Patshaling gewog in Tsirang taking up large-scale commercial bee-keeping, the business is thriving in the gewog.

ISO certification for Bumthang Honey

Sep 20, 2017

The chairman of the cooperative Tul Bdr. Chettri said there are many requirements for ISO certification and meeting them is a challenge.

Apiculture Farming in Wangdue

May 21, 2017

Apiculture or beekeeping activity has been introduced in Wangduephodrang for the first time.

Honey collection centre to open in Tsirang

May 16, 2017

A honey collection centre will be opened in Thakorling under Patshaling Gewog in Tsirang soon. The centre is expected to boost honey bee farming in the gewog, which is already popular among many farmers.

Disappearing bees worry farmers

Dec 21, 2016

Local honey from Tsendagang is so popular that beekeepers are finding it difficult to meet the demand.

Honey harvest not as sweet as last year

Jul 12, 2016

Beekeepers in Bumthang did not harvest as much honey as they did last year due to unfavourable weather conditions.

Trial beekeeping project begins in Khatoed gewog

Nov 05, 2015

Gasa’s livestock sector initiated a trial beekeeping project in Khatoed gewog last week following the success story of beekeeping in Bumthang.

Basic beekeeping training conducted at RDC Jakar

May 14, 2015

Forty participants attended a basic training on beekeeping at RDC Jakar conducted jointly with the Beekeepers’ Cooperatives of Bhutan (BeCoB). Participants included the BeCoB members and interested farmers, few of them with an educational background.

Hornet attack, a setback for beekeepers

Mar 21, 2014

Swarm of hornet are killing honeybees in Jigme Chhoeling under Sarpang, much to the chagrin of the beekeepers. Beekeeping, otherwise a lucrative business, is experiencing a setback with a single hornet killing as many as 40 honeybees in a minute.

The ‘Honey Village’ of Jigme Chhoeling

Mar 08, 2014

More people in Jigme Chhoeling Gewog in Sarpang are rearing bees. Almost every household owns beehives. Known as ‘honey village’, the locals here were trained to use hive with open top and moveable frames. Of 150 households, more than 90% of them are into the beekeeping business.

Honey makes good money

Feb 13, 2013

The Beekeepers’ Cooperative of Bumthang is finding it difficult to meet the ever-increasing demand for honey. Currently, honey produced in Bumthang is not sufficient even for the local market. And there are already demands coming from outside the country.

Bees that are stingless

Jun 17, 2010

Have you ever heard of a stingless bee? Yes, there is. Not only are they stingless, their honey is believed to have medicinal values. Many households in Dubidangra in Bhur Geog rear these bees. The stingless bees come in two colours- black and yellow.