Food Pairing

Food pairing
Beverage pairing

Food pairing is the practice of creating harmonious pairings by considering flavour, texture, aroma, and intensity. Learning to pair honey with food opens up a new range of honeys to enjoy and explore

Food pairing

Mono-floral honeys tend to be lighter in colour and more delicately flavoured. It is best to used raw or towards the end of the cooking time, as their particular flavour will almost certainly be lost if overheated.

Some mono-floral are darker in colour and more intensely flavoured. They keep their flavour better than lighter honeys when heated, so are good for marinating meats and for use in dark fruit cakes.

Cooking with honey

As honey can burn at high temperatures, which affects the flavour, it is best to cook dishes containing honey on a low or medium heat where possible. When using honey to replace refined sugar, remember that honey is sweeter, so allow one part of honey to replace one and a quarter parts of sugar.

Honey will keep cakes and cookies moist, so they may need slightly longer cooking times – but also means they will tend to last longer.