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    Blessed with its geographical location and a hospitable climate,
    Bhutan is fortunate to be free of bee diseases.
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    Quality Honey
    We take great care to liaise with Beekeepers’ Association
    of Bhutan (BEKAB), to ensure local beekeepers can maintain
    a high-quality harvest with sustainable practices.

About Us

Company Profile

Established in 1990s, Bhutan Honeys’ focus on providing everyone the access to premium health product. All of Bhutan’s Honey product is naturally and locally cultivated and is a true testament of Bhutanese’s Gross National Happiness.

Bhutan’s Honey is known for its natural benefits and higher antioxidant contents. Products such as Sweet Buckwheat Honey, White Clover Honey and Native Wild Flora Honey.

Our Partners

Beekeepers’ Association of Bhutan ~ BEKAB

BEKAB is the sole distributor and marketer for Bhutanese honey. They also conduct basic and advanced training for beekeeping enthusiasts on a yearly basis to build the farmers’ technical capacity.

There are about 822 beekeepers in Tsirang, Dagana and sarpang provinces of Bhutan.

Featured News

Honey collection centre to open in Tsirang

May 16, 2017

A honey collection centre will be opened in Thakorling under Patshaling Gewog in Tsirang soon. The centre is expected to boost honey bee farming in the gewog, which is already popular among many farmers. Readmore

Honey harvest not as sweet as last year

Jul 12, 2016

Beekeepers in Bumthang did not harvest as much honey as they did last year due to unfavourable weather conditions. Readmore

Trial beekeeping project begins in Khatoed gewog

Nov 05, 2015

Gasa’s livestock sector initiated a trial beekeeping project in Khatoed gewog last week following the success story of beekeeping in Bumthang. Readmore


Review By: Dennis De Rozario

It was through recommendation that I was introduced to Honey from Bhutan. The first time I used Honey from Bhutan was when I prepared my usual warm honey drink which is a daily start up for me every day before I head down to work or get my day started. I had experienced a very different taste which most branded Honey does not have. Bhutan Honey does have that special after taste which will make you crave for more. As a tip for health, according to the tradition of the older community, honey is a good remedy for keeping the body warm and it is mostly effective for body circulation for the young and old.

I have even introduced Honey from Bhutan to my wife to try using it for her well known dishes particularly her Honey Roasted Chicken. It has since been Honey from Bhutan as her preferred choice of honey for that excellent taste in her specialty dishes. To date, my wife and I have been using Honey from Bhutan whenever honey is required in our diet and food preparations. To include, I had also recommended Honey from Bhutan to friends and many recommend, are having good comments and tasteful results on Honey from Bhutan. Make the change now!